Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sony Playstation 4

Sony's Playstation 4 Revealed!

You read it here first, folks! The Playstation 4 (aka PS4), Sony's upcoming game console, will bring along the next generation of video game systems with enhanced view and sensors for better gaming experiences. The graphics and processing power will of course be unprecedented, as we've come to expect with Sony's Playstation brand. The gameplay itself is also sure to be revolutionary. Sony has recently released some information about the PS4 and how it will work.

The Playstation 4's New Look:

Sony Playstation 4* This is a concept design and may not accurately reflect the look of the final product

As you can see, Sony has unveiled a new look for it's latest Playstation, ditching the shiny black veneer of the previous model and opting for a more neutral grey/white color. This new look is quite stunning to be honest - it retains the style and sleekness of the PS3 design and still looks incredibly high tech, but the lighter shade is sure to attract some more casual gamers, a demographic that Sony will sorely need to cater to in order to succeed, as has been witnessed by the Playstation 3's current situation as the least successful video game console on the market, way behind the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360. Clearly Sony has learned their lesson that they will need to chase a more mainstream, casual audience with their new Playstation 4.

It has also been announced that Sony will take another cue from the Wii and pursue motion-sensing controls much more seriously than it did with it's last generation machine. Rumor has it that Sony's new controller will take motion-sensing controllers to a whole new level - Early indicators suggest that the Playstation 4 will use a glove-like device that the user will wear, along with a motion-sensing force field, vest, remote, helmet, and standard controller combined to create a totally immersive gaming experience with as few buttons as possible.

A prototype of the Playstation 4 gaming helmet

Here's a look at the current stats for Sony's PS4:


Disc Holographic Disc (HVD)
Audio Lossless 9.1 Channel
Storage 250GB-1TB Harddrive, Flash, External
Storage Speed 6Gb/s (SATA-600)
Color Depth Full Deep Color
Color Space x.v.Color
Controller Wireless, Vibration, Motion Sense (3D), Wind, Shock
Internet 100 Gbit Ethernet wired, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless
Connection USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, WHDI, TransferJet
Display QF-HDTV (3840x2160p)
System RAM 10242MB DDR4
Release Date Late 2011

As you can plainly see, the PS4 will be the most powerful video game console created so far.

Another advancement that the PlayStation 4 will offer is the incorporation of wireless technologies to carry in the next generation of mobility. Depending on the distance between transmitters, power supplies, and overall goal, different wireless technologies will be used. TransferJet will exchange the Memory Stick and provides a speedy transference of documents to the PS4 from your mobile device at close range without requiring a complicated initial setup. Bluetooth 3.0 will also be used to bestow awesomely fast streaming of information to and from the controllers, not to mention audio and even more peripherals at close range, using a very small amount of power to safeguard batteries (just like the DualShock4 and QuadShock attachments). WiFi 802.11n will provide internet access or related access time functionality at longer distances using more intensity. Lastly, if the awesome strength handling limits aren't an issue, WHDI allows the PS4 to encode high definition images and sound data without requiring the use of wires, hence removing cumbersome wires from your QF-HDTV and kick-ass 9.1 audio channel speakers. Of course, Sony says that not all Playstation 4 models will have built-in support for TransferJet and WHDI, in an effort to expand their audience by making lower priced PS4 models available. These functionalities can also be used through the USB 3.0 ports and the HDMI2 border. Can you dig it?

One last thing that I should mention is the fact that the GDDR5 and DDR4 may be upgradable in the same way that system RAM on the PC is. If not GDDR5, then most definitely the DDR4 because the VRAM may get located into the RSX2 like how it was like in the PS3. As video game consoles move towards being more like the PC and the PC moving towards having more skin of the console, this may be an option in the PS4. The upgrading capability would not be a broadly advertised star (remember the commercial failure of the PS2 hard drive). It is there for some sport that want to impel the envelop for hardcore gamers but attempt having fewer advertise penetration, being powerless to run on many client's machines. This is analogous to the small percentage of users who upgrade their PC to the max to get better framerate or graphics on only a few games. Hopefully one day soon you may hold not only games for the Playstation 4, but applications that command a USB upright and mice, and you can program games or applications to sell in the PlayStation Store to earn PlayStation credits that can be deposited to your margin to make a living like on the PC platform. Given that, the Playstation 4 will likely be the most awesome video game system ever created.

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